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This project was very unique as we had a chance to work on the oldest building in Chagford, the stone barn is dated approx.600 years old. Our company started work in the barn in February 2017.With some help in groundworks by a local company Robinson Plant.

This was another full renovation of the existing building and an extension of the entrance. 

Reinforced base and footings were laid for the extension and the gable stone wall was underpinned.

The renovation of the inside of the barn was very extensive and included an underfloor heating system covered with liquid screed, all electrics, and heating system controlled using state of the art wireless control system. 

We have created a top floor and a beautiful bridge connecting the master bedroom to the rest of the house using Universal Steel Beams.

The roof structure of the main building was challenging and had to be straightened but Our company managed to fix the problem and we have used Second Hand Delabo Slate to cover the roof. 

Our team Robski Builders Ltd are very proud of what we have achived 


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